Preparation of Financial Statements
Financial statements are road maps that help you take better decisions for your business and stop you from expensive mishaps. The reports that we present to the management are as follows.

  • balance sheet (statement of financial position)
  • profit and loss (statement of comprehensive income)
  • cash flow statements
  • receivables ageing list
  • payables ageing list
  • comparative report on sales performance
  • comparative report on expenses etc.
  • budgeting with comparative reports
  • Inventory analysis
  • Working capital analysis
  • Fixed asset register and report

Adopting New Financial Reporting Standards
We can assist your business in adapting to a new set of financial reporting standards. From assessment to implementation and review, we provide a clear, practical and streamlined approach to ease your transition.
Backlog Accounting Services
At times companies might not maintain proper Books of Account and reports for years and as it is mandatory for all companies to maintain a proper record of accounts. We support clients to prepare books of account from the date of incorporation of the company, after obtaining proper supporting documents necessary for us to prepare the books of account.
Our relationship accountant will visit the company’s office location or bring the documents to our office and update transactions in appropriate accounting software. We finalize the books of account on periodic basis, often annual basis for our clients ease, but can be prepared quarterly or monthly.

Outsourced Accounting Services
Inclusion of experienced professionals from our team has proven to add value to clients.  Outsourcing of accounting services can improve the efficiency, streamline the operations and boost the productivity of the company because an independent accounting firm can perform the tasks efficiently and impartially with their vast experience. Businesses can reduce costs significantly by outsourcing accounting services. Companies can simultaneously have access to the latest technology without continually investing to update software. Business owners/managers can concentrate and devote more time and focus on their business, than taking the stress of managing on accounting and financial reporting. The additional expense of employing an accountant can be reduced by outsourcing to the right accounting professional - iCOUNT.

Offshore Accounting Services

If you are a Director or Manager of a Vanuatu International Company you know Vanuatu corporation law is very specific, that accounts need to be kept up to date, and the Company must maintain solvency. Even though Vanuatu is Tax friendly, account keeping remains a normal business requirement. With the advent of technology and the ease of communication, why not consider a strategic and economical decision to outsource your accounting function to the professionals at iCOUNT.

Bookkeeping Services
Our services include:

  • Transaction support
  • Account Reconciliations
  • Fixed Asset Register preparations
  • Payroll and Vanuatu National Provident Fund (VNPF) - superannuation
  • Preparation and filing of VAT returns
  • Preparation and filing of Rent Tax
  • Preparation and filing of Turnover Tax
  • Periodic management accounts


Preyanka Philip

Client Manager

(+678) 547 2724

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